Veena Huee Nishkashat!

Oh yes I am really happy to report that Veena Malik has been evicted tonight from Bigg Boss house for good. After so many weeks of torture, pretentions, fake talk, cheap dance, unnecessary physical actions and lots more.

I didn't really expect her to be evicted though. I had a feeling Khalli ji would be evicted. However, this week they did build up some negative image for Veena after she danced on the dining table with heels.

Even today before being told that she is a nominated housemate and then the fact that she has been evicted, Veena did give a speech about her tehzeeb and that if Bogg Boss talks about tehzeeb then Khali jee should have been punished too for putting his knees and foot on the table many times. She also said that Dolly ji always demeans the character of all the girls-be it Veena, Shweta, Sara or Anchal. Veena burst into tears saying she would apologize to Veena if Dolly would promise she would not insult any girl again.

Sameer, however, did say that it is useless talking about others because one should behave in a way that would give one respect. Indirectly, he did say that Veena herself did work hard on degrading her own image.

Ashmit, the smart ass that he is, did say tonight that after listening to everybody he felt he was also wrong somewhere in provoking Dolly and that he didn't deal with the fight well.

Upon leaving, Veena saved her friend Ashmit from being nominated next week, whom she loves dearly, just like she loved Hrishant dearly.

Interest bit is that Pakistani news channels are running a breaking news that Veena Malik has been evicted from Bigg Boss House right now as I am writing :P Perhaps the nation is happy. Another funny report I saw on another channel a few minutes ago, was Meera saying that Veena Malik has distorted Pakistan's image during her time at Bigg Boss and that she has worked with Ashmit and feels Veena is the one who is responsible for cheapness and spreading negative impressions about Pakistan.

It seems now our media will come alive and talk more about this Veena and the image talk. Apart from her mushy relationships, it was quite ok till she behaved sensibly. Since today, Veena who has indeed entertained audience in her own way has been evicted, I will try to put a nice picture of hers.