Ashmit and Veena's 'Bigg Boss' chemistry

Former dacoit Seema Parihar, who became the latest contestant to be ejected from reality show 'Bigg Boss' says the sizzling chemistry Ashmit Patel and Veena Mallik are displaying is the reason for their continued presence in the house.

"Even after spending 11 weeks in the 'Bigg Boss' house, I haven't been able to understand the lovely-dovey couple Ashmit and Veena. But what I have understood is that the audience is liking the chemistry between them that they show on the television," Seema said.

"I think this is what is working for both of them and if it continues like this then it wouldn't be surprising for them and the audience if the duo makes it till the finale," she said.

Asked about the sudden transformation in Dolly Bindra's behaviour, she said: "Of what I can understand, Dolly was real when she came at the start. But now it seems that her family and friends have tried to explain to her about how she should behave and how not to - which is coming across as indigestible for everybody."

"But I think she is trying to improve herself and keep a check on her impatient attitude. This is commendable," she added.