Heated argument!

Well yesterday I was fortunate enough to watch the entire episode of Bigg Boss 4. I might not have watched it, but it started off with a fight. Dolly jee as usual had stupid issues, cause Ashmit & Veena didn’t clean the kitchen properly. Some tea stains were left & Dolly jee couldn’t stand it. Or maybe she was in a nasty mood.

Anyhow, both Ashmit & Dolly had heated argument. There was no need to drag in Veena Malik, but Dolly jee referred to her as an item girl & that she knows what goes beneath the sheets or blanket. This is really low. If we just ignore Veena’s fake style, I don’t think she’s that bad. I mean she’s just like any other house mate. No one is an angel. She’s as rotten as anyone else in the house.And Veena said lots & lots of stupid things to her.

However, Dolly Bindra gets very personal with people. She even called Ashmit desperate & mentioned that mms clip & the internet episode. And Ashmit is the kind of person who goes on & on & on & I believe Dolly jee is also not very different. She went inside & then she came out again to resume the fight. When she came back in the house, she turned over a new leaf, but now she’s her old rotten self.And all the while, Dolly jee was talking about this incident.

Shweta is another mean & selfish person. She doesn’t do any work & she believes that she is the only normal person in the house. Everyone thinks that he/she is normal. I don’t think people have bad views about themselves. I think Samir Soni is the only decent fellow left in the house.

But Ashmit Patel is too good at it. He can drive people nuts, cause he stays calm even when people get personal with him. This is a good quality.