Modestly Imbalanced

Well for most of us who keep an eye on what is happening around, we know that Pakistan and China have had friendly relations for 6 decades now. China has always been more helpful to Pakistan than we could ever be to them, yet they remain consistent because our nation helped them once.

Recently, it seems, that US has noticed how the financial aid given to Pakistan is not used in the best interests of the people and country. They have changed their views about Pakistan and its governance. So, looking at the situation, our government that is known to be beggars rushed to their Chinese loyal friends and invited their Prime Minister to visit Pakistan so that we celebrate our decades of togetherness and friendship. In return, China will go back giving generous amount of investment. We don't know how honestly that will be utilized.

The much talked about arrangement was a mess to be quite honest. Ever since the Chinese head has stepped on the Pakistani soil, the coverage shows how disorganized and silly we look as a nation. His plane landed and before he could come out, some of the Pakistanis already stepped into the plane. Suddenly, the Chinese head came out. When the poor old sweet man took a long walk, the music was not played and stopped on time. While he was meeting the Pakistani delegates, tonnes of Pakistanis were walking with him, making the presentation so chaotic and embarrassing. Many a times, the body guards of the Chinese premier had to push away Pakistani delegates for protection.

And this picture here, when the delegates from both countries were signing the agreements, which will benefit Pakistan immensely, we see how the Chinese premier is standing quietly in one corner while shameless Pakistanis are so crowded on the right side of the screen. They are standing in a crowd rather than a line. There are perhaps 3 parallel lines on Pakistani side, while each Chinese delegate came, signed and moved back in an organized and educated manner. The difference and imbalance is so much there.

We talk about Veena Malik, people running our country are shameless, unorganized and uneducated to the core.