Life is a garden

Yesterday I read this, which is nothing new but at this point in life, I couldn’t agree with it:

“Life is a garden. You reap what you sow.”

I’ve noticed people who have been working like mad for 20 years & they are still there. I also know people who are quite selfless & not even a single good thing has happened in their lives.

I don’t think life is a garden. Life is what happens to you & it’s different for different individuals. I think everything has been planned & we are just marionettes. You reap what you sow…it sounds like a joke to me, which is not even very nice, to begin with.

People very easily use the word slut for wanton & loose women & also for women they can’t stand for whatever reason. So far as prostitutes are concerned, some of them are born there & some of them land there due to misfortune. Life must be a garden for them also but they reap only bad names.

Last night I also read this; it was a story about a man who gave up everything for art & later on he was reduced to dirt.

“I cannot describe what a lamentable object he looked. Life had taken him, rent him on its racks, torn him limb from limb, & then flung him, a bleeding wreck, on the stone steps of that church.”

Life must be a fucking strange garden & I don't see anything fair about it.