Kussing with Karan

Now that we already know that Koffee with Karan is nothing but a flashy set where celebrities take out their frustrations and leave behind their cheap marks for the world to like and dislike, it is ok to call it anything. It is not a decent cup of coffee just a bitching session.

Anyway, this Sunday, Karan invited three guests, two of whom were seniors of the industry such as Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor. And the third guest was Kangana Ranaut. This session was slightly different from the other ones because Karan could not really vent out the best of his bitchy side. As it is, in front of the gurus, he couldn't play much.

Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor were candid about themselves. They almost all the time preferred Salman Khan over most of the actors perhaps because of their friendship and good relations with him. They feel Salman is the best entertainer in India. Both of them felt Ranbir Kapoor had a brighter future in the industry as compared to Imran Khan. They both praised Madhuri Dixit (who was one of their lead actresses for a long time).

Though I felt Anil Kapoor still admires Madhuri and has a soft corner for her even today. When he was sharing his experience of working abroad, he said he was told that his english is weak. Anil said that of course, he knows his English is not as good as Amitabh, Aamir Khan or anyone else but he would improve it. He said he is not trying to be some pseudo intellectual in Hollywood but being himself. And that these are just baby steps while Bollywood is the love of his life.

Anil Kapoor kind of baffled Koffee when he for no reason mentioned that Madhuri's accent has changed a lot too since she has moved to USA or perhaps America has that impact on people's accent. But Anil completely shut him up by saying sweetly that he never likes any sort of criticism on Madhuri ever and even today. Karan said that he was mentioning this fact as a compliment that now she says words in an American accent, but Anil said again that even then he doesn't like any comments on her. He felt a bit emotional and sweet.

However, Sanjay Dutt, who himself is very old said that he loves Madhuri and he loves her kids but would want her to go back to raise the kids because at this age she shouldn't work in movies. He also mentioned that his jadoo ki jhappi phenomenon from his movie Munna Bhai was so strong that once he visited a place and an old women came crying to Sanjay Dutt to give a jadoo ki jhappi to her dying son. Sanjay Dutt also wished that Shahrukh and Salman Khan would give each other a jadoo ki jhappi and happy hug soon and bury the hatchet.

Karan tried to bring the Madhuri Dixit element into conversation, as both the men were linked with her at some point of their career. But both Anil and Sanjay didn't let him rule. Anil is always respectful of her and Sanjay didn't deny anything but that life moves on and he is happy with his marriage and twins. He said, he often feels sad that due to his weird life and problems he missed seeing her first daughter grow up. He also clarified that things are all cool between his sisters and him and that every family goes through fights and that he being the eldest one in the family believed in something while the others didn't. However, with the birth of his kids, everybody is close again.

Karan introduced Kangana as the edgy actress who has done some different and edgy roles already and whatever she wears she has a lot of panache and style. In short, he said it twice that Kangana looks so stylish in whatever she wears and how she carries herself is worth praising since a lot of other women fail miserably. This time round, Karan could not make fun of Kanagana's accent and English much. In my opinion, she looked nice because she is a beautiful woman and she answered everything well. She didn't look like any embarrassment.

Her best statement was during the shooting of No Problem, she was shocked Akshaye Khanna hardly talks and responds to her, so she tried to flirt with him but he gave no response at all. She was honest and open about it. She also said that she loved working with Sushmita Sen. When Karan asked if she is asked to work with Shiney Ahuja, Kangana replied she would consider the role if the script and director are good. And then she added that she has worked with Shiney before and she doesn't think he is a threat to womankind at all. She also said, after her experience with Aditya Pancholi, she has decided not to go for married men. While talking about her ex boyfriend, Sheikar Suman's son she said it's been 1 year since the break up but these days it hardly takes a girl 15 days to move on.

Her pics show she is a beauty of her own. Quite sexy and charming. The reason why I chose her picture with the back pose is because we recently saw some actresses like Vidya Balan doing so and it was not that great. While the other picture, in which her chest is slightly visible was the one due to which she broke up with Sheikhar Suman's son as he didn't approve of such bold pictures from Kangana.

Therefore, this week's episode was rather sober and simple. But the next episode will probably spice things up much more. It is obvious that silly and not so sophisticated celebrities are getting involved into cat fights because of Kussing with Karan. Who knows one day people would stop going to his shows when they would realize the power of his bitchy beans.