Each year, the federal government kills over 100,000 native carnivores, including mountain lions, coyotes, bears and wolves, for the benefit of private livestock producers. Kill methods include aerial hunting, trapping, snaring and poisoning. The program is another form of”welfare ranching," which also allows commercial producers to graze livestock on public lands at below-market rates.

A classic example of government waste, the federal predator control program spends far more to kill native carnivores than the actual value of the damage they cause.

Citizens concerned about wild horses and wildlife have an opportunity to voice opposition to this wasteful, destructive and inhumane federal program. The USDA is accepting comments on an Environmental Assessment for Predator Damage Management in Nevada. The predator-killing efforts in Nevada focus on 19.6 million acres of BLM land, including Herd Management Areas, which are utilized extensively for livestock grazing at the expense of wild horses and burros.

Please take a moment to personalize and submit the sample letter below to comment on this damaging and wasteful federal program in Nevada.