Saifeena's Kussing with Karan Episode

Kareena and Saif's episode was the most ridiculous one. Kareena looked great but sounded so irritating when she called Saif, Saifooo again and again. Also, her irrelevant mentioning of Priyanka's name was the beginning of another cold war. Her never ending self love and obsession about her being the most beautiful thing on earth is obvious till today.

Saif seemed like a skeleton. Their showy love life was fake where it is so obvious, that Kareena is desperate to settle down with the chotay nawab while he thinks this time that they are spending together is good. He gave a silly logic that now roles for girls are about youth unlike the days when his mother acted where she often did roles that were much older than her real age. So he feels, Kareena's marriage could hamper her youthful roles and he is so caring he doesn't want to hurt her career.

Saifoo's mention of his long, godzilla sized dick was not such a welcoming thought. He didn't sound cheap when he said that but it was unnecessary. They mentioned that they would not do kissing on screen now though after having an elaborate sex scene in Qurban, there is hardly the need for such restrictions for the audience.

Once again, Kareena displayed that she changes her statements within minutes. She mentioned there is no jealousy and over possessiveness in their relationship. But she immediately said out loud after watching clips from previous Kussing with Karan sessions that Saifoo was all over Preity Zinta. On seeing the old clips, her first response was that all the women looked so fat.

In the special footage of fans, we could hardly see any love on their faces when fans went on expressing their love for Kareena and Saif. Kareena's sexometer ratings were quite terrible in which if she could, she would have never mentioned John Abraham, which seemed so mean. The whole of India knows that John is their sexiest actor.

While Kareena hardly spoke like an intelligent woman. It is quite obvious, that Saifoo is the strong headed, dominant and intellectual one in their relationship. He knows what he wants and speaks what he wants to say. No wonder, Saifoo won the Kussing hamper and Kareena was excited for him because she said Saifoo loves getting gifts. To which Karan said, "We all love to have gifts."

The smartest statement she thought she made was "We will get married in 2012 because in 2011, I will be very busy with the rest of the Khans." To which Saif said, "I am sure she worked really hard on coming up with this line".

Don't want to be judgemental but their relationship seems quite flashy where someone is admiring an old horse while someone is loving the beautiful mermaid.