Hrithik Is All For No Smoking

Hrithik Roshan worked hard on quitting his bad habit of smoking for his wife, kids and of course for himself more importantly. He decided to quit smoking after the last scene for Guzaarish was shot. Hrithik admits he was smoking for two years and that he is adventurous. He likes such adventures and that smoking helped him in working on his character in Guzaarish. He admits that smoking was quite empowering. But he has a strong will power, as he worked hard and is keeping his word. Even if somebody offers him a bud, he refuses to smoke.

Now that he has come out a conquerer himself, he is all set to help his buddies get over this bad habit. He really talked Arjun Rampal out of this habit, which is a big achievement because Arjun was a chain smoker too.

His next project and friend is an impossible one though. Yes, it is none other than Shahrukh Khan, who is the biggest chain smoker. He smokes daily and non stop like an addict. SRK smokes more than a pack of cigarettes every day. Hrithik knows it would be very tough for SRK to quit so he will be of constant support to him. He said SRK will have to quit slowly by reducing his intake and eventually he too would join the healthy club.

Well, we can only wish Hrithik good luck for such a noble cause. SRK would definitely be a tough one to work on as you can see, these are pictures of his off screen life. And the man is totally addicted to smoking.