People might have forgotten about Meenakshi but I think she was a very fine actress. Unlike many, we never heard any scandals about her. She solely concentrated on her acting.

She’s married to Harish Mysore & she lives in America. And I just can’t believe she’s 55 year old.

She shot to fame with the megahit film Hero (1983) directed by Subhash Ghai. She gave a stunning performance in Damini and was nominated for a National Award for the movie. She acted in her last film Ghatak in 1997. In her career in the film industry she acted in about 80 films.

Damini has been one of my favourite movies. She played the role of a very honest person & she suffers lot owing to that honesty. In fact her husband who so admired her honesty deserts her when she couldn’t get one evil incident out of her mind. However, this woman fights with the society for justice. A maid had been raped by a couple of guys (one of them was her husband’s younger brother) & she was the only eye witness. Although her husband tried to stop the assault but it was too late. This is the only movie in which I liked the role of Sunny Deol. He was a lawyer. By the way, Rishi Kapoor was her husband.

I think Akshaye Khanna & Meenakshi are 2 people who never been involved in any kind of scandal. They think it’s a blatant lie if a person is not partying or having affairs or flings or fucking around just for the heck of it, but they are few people who are like this. They are not always dying for fun or maybe their standard is high. Speaking of which reminds me of Gia Ali’s statement that a beautiful woman is always in a relationship (& when she made this statement, she was in relationship with 2 men) & those who are not in relationship are either lesbians or sleeping with animals. No doubt she’s an illiterate woman & we can’t expect a sensible statement of a dumb fuck. But my point is that even in the industry we have people who have got spotless characters. It doesn’t matter whether people believe it or not.