ASHOKA THE HERO to release on 7th Jan

Illusion Interactive will be releasing India's first animated superhero film ASHOKA THE HERO on 7th January 2011. The film tells the story of young Ashoka, a boy who wants to grow up and be like his father who was a policeman who died in the line of duty. One day he comes across an ancient medallion, which gives him tremendous powers and turns him into a superhero. How Ashoka, deals with his amazing powers and uses them to save the city from destruction forms the rest of the story.

Speaking on this first of a kind superhero film in India, Gaurav Jain, producer says, 'Most of the animation from India has been retelling of our favourite mythological tales. Ashoka the hero is different as it creates its own unique myth marrying elements of Indian history with fantasy. Ashoka, armed with the amazing super powers he offers an alternative to the myriad foreign superheroes that children in our country are exposed to.'

He added, 'The film is full of spectacular scenes like an airplane landing in the middle of CST station, a daring airplane rescue, a fight on the sea link etc.'

The film has music by Justin and Uday and lyrics by Rekha Nigam and a title track by Shibani Kashyap. A music video has been created where Shibani Kashyap has been animated, singing and dancing.