Find the Vacuum cat killer ... 1 boy

It has come to our attention that some waste of human life has created a video he posted on the Internet of himself killing two young kittens. This has sparked the attention of various folks around the web.

In the video, which can not be linked here, he is depicted placing the kittens into a vacuum bag and then sealing the zip lock seal on the bag. As the kittens try to escape he then places a hose from a vacuum cleaner over the valve and sucks the bag flat. The kittens can not move and he records the entire process as they die. When they expire, their bodies relax and they defecate on themselves. Then after some time passes, he opens the bag and removes one of the kittens by the tail to prove that it is in fact quite dead, and then places it on his bed where it lays limply.

We have already deduced his approximate location and country of origin but we would appreciate any more help that you, the user, can bring to the table.

Don't give up, he will be found.

Also, use this tinychat for asking questions or small talk:

More info can be found in this youtube video:!/home.php?sk=group_173770029323074

Find The Vacuum Cat Killer - 1 Boy 2 Kittens Please, send this to you friends, family, and coworkers. Whatever can be done to find this heartless person is greatly appreciated.