Sad images

I saw these 2 pics yesterday. As I have been able to understand, people enjoy inflicting pain on others. The only difference is that some hurt animals, some hurt humans & some hurt both.

However, animals cannot protest & naturally it’s our responsibility to fight for their rights. I have seen some people have totally dedicated their lives for this noble cause.

But basically humans are despicable creatures; some enjoy torturing & killing, & some just watch it. They neither feel anything nor do they want others to protest. This reminds me of Muneeb & Mugheez & how they were killed in front of so many people. Few days ago, I shared pics in which 2 blacks were hanged & 10,000 people were there to witness the scene of crime. And there are innumerable such cases.

Anyhow, just like humans, animals also suffer; it’s another thing that some people don’t want to acknowledge the existence of pain.

There is just nothing right about animal abuse & I think it’s low on the part of humans to keep mum when they can do something to stop animal abuse.