Steps To Get Waves and Curls with Straightening irons

Straightening irons
Straightening irons can be used in many ways and once you get to know the right technique, you can make different hairstyles in minutes. You can curl, twist or wavy hair using your hair straightener. If you learn to use hair straighteners to straighten hair properly, you will be able to make beautiful hairstyles, all alone, without damaging your hair. You must choose a hair straightener for as it will help you start from the root. In addition, it is important to go for a ceramic ones because you will not have to repeat the action. Remember to use heat protection spray. For ceramic flat irons.

Soft waves

Making soft waves is a very easy thing to do even with a hair straightener. Remember that if you slide the straightener quicker, your waves will be looser.
  • Start by combing your hair and divide it into sections in order to make all the process easier. Then, close the plates of the hair straightener, and starting from the halfway towards the ends, rotate the straightener. Everything stands in the wrist if you want to get soft waves. Do it gently and slowly so you obtain beautiful, contoured waves. Curl every lock of hair that you have fixed with the straightener and use your fingers to better define the look. Forbabyliss pink flat iron
  • Arrange the waves at the back so you leave your face free. Continue with the higher part of your head, curling every lock. As a final step, use hair spray for volume.


Here's how you can get a nice smooth hair but in the end:
  • Wash your hair, apply hair mousse and blow dry. As you use the flat iron , do not forget to spray heat protection.
  • Start by dividing your hair into sections. Make a high bun on the crown of your head and let a few strands free. Then, using the flat iron, make each section of hair at a time. Make small sections, hold the flat iron and slide it slowly in a downward motion, guiding to the outside when you arrive at the end. For chi flat iron pink dazzle.
  • If you have layers hairstyle, make each layer and work on the ends to add more volume and movement. Define the layers by taking small sections of hair and the straightening guide to the outdoors, depending on the result you want.
  • As a final step, use your fingers to hold the locks and spray for volume.

Perfect Curls

If you want to get perfect curls using your T3 tourmaline, even on straight hair, here are the steps right, you must follow.
  • Start by dividing your hair into sections. Secure your hair in a bun top and leave a few sections of hair free. Starting with the first section of hair at the back of your head so that the hair before you do not mind at work in your hair. If you want beautiful curls, take locks of hair thinner, and remember to start close to the scalp. Then close the plates, the adhesion of the hair and turn the iron slightly when you move the ends.
  • If you have any shots, not the loops, and just use a blow dryer and round brush to style. For chi professional hair dryer.
  • If one of the loops is not well, let it cool for several minutes and only then you can try again. Finnish with some hair mousse so you fix the loops
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