Emotional Day of Prince William & Kate Middleton

Finally, when all the preparation was over, the moment arrived that everyone across the world was waiting for. Kate glided up the red carpeted aisle at Westminster Abbey and James tells us how he reacted.

’Really like most guys I bottled up all my emotions. For me really, just being in the abbey and seeing her come through those doors was a very touching moment and I was really sort of fighting back the tears. It was very very special.’

James said: ‘We spent time making sure it was just right and I was at the Palace till about 10pm for a dress rehearsal. It’s been a lot of work and I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t been sleepless nights.
’One evening in the run-up to Friday, my fiancee Laura called wondering where I was. Kate apologised to her for stealing me away.’

The salon owner Richard, had also been working flat out before the wedding, and had suffered the loss of his father, he said: ‘My father Ron died last Sunday and I found Friday quite emotional. It was wonderful watching the wedding. I watched it on a screen at the Palace reception. It was wonderful seeing it all come together.’

The expert team of stylists were at hand throughout the magical day and James retouched Kate’s hair, moments before she appeared on the balcony for the magic kisses with William.

’They seemed very happy and also very relaxed around each other and excited really. You could just see they’re very much in love.’

Then on Friday evening James was at Clarence House helping Kate prepare for the reception, where she wore a white Sarah Burton gown with a diamante waist band and a white mohair bolero jacket.

James said: ’For the evening she wanted to be herself and she just wanted a regular blow dry that we usually do. She was just keen to really look herself and be herself which is what is so fabulous about her.’