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  • walking_dude
    11-14 11:33 AM
    Please don't use the thread for just -- discussions sans actions .

    Do take some actions - Have you contacted and posted your Comments to WWJ yet?

    Coming to your point, just like he won't stop visiting hospitals for annual physicals to avoid Indian doctors and Phillipino nurses, he won't stop using Boeing either.

    I bet he owns a foreign (European) car too. Like somebody pointed out CNN itself has hundreds of "cheap labor" H1B immigrants working for them. His wife is a Mexican. Do you think he's avoiding private moments with her to avoid TB and leprosy?

    Lou Dobbs isn't a zealot. He is just an opportunistic hypocrite who's using "nativist populism" to get high TRP ratings for his show, and he has been immensely successful!


    So do you think he will stop using Boeing and walk to Detroit?

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  • still_waiting
    04-26 12:48 PM
    contributed $100 with pay date of 05/01/06.

    You guys are doing great job !

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  • EkAurAaya
    05-25 02:41 PM
    This si for Akp

    What's up buddy. This si your first post. What have u been doing all this time?
    We are paying taxes along with SSN taxes. We have rt to ask or to bash this system.
    well said... and key point is we are bashing (if that's what you want to call it) the system (we are part of the system) not Americans...

    Lot of people fail or choose not to see that.

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  • misanthrope
    10-03 03:40 PM
    If you have health insurance (which I doubt) go to some doc. and get some life injected. That will certainly help you in your current situation and you may be able to jump to EB1.:D

    May God Bless You.
    This post molests the definition of argument/debate, medical science and logic in general. Actually, it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
    Internet hates you for this post.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 05:12 PM
    I would rather have 10,000 members paying $100/year (that's *less than $25/month, btw... :) ), than 25,000 forum browsers... no offense meant.

    For those comparing IV with free web-based services like Google/Yahoo/Hotmail/others.... you probably don't grasp the idea behind IV, and this is precisely one of the reasons why a membership-based organization is desirable... :
    - IV is no gmail or hotmail
    - We don't get advertising revenue,
    - Nor have we gone IPO like Google/Microsoft/Yahoo (neither can we... :)
    - Nor are we funded by wealthy VCs
    - Nor is this a "business model"
    - and Nor do Google/Microsoft/Yahoo care about your immigration woes... .
    Bottomline - we're not a business, we're a non-profit organization - that needs funds for operations and lobbying efforts. There are normal operational needs that are taken care of by membership dues in most organizations. There are special one-time needs that are taken care of by funding drives.

    So let's rise up above this madness...

    Once again:
    - If you've already contributed, you won't be asked again (fot a year at least... :)
    - If you can't pay membership dues, you can volunteer


    Highly skilled immigrants (highly paid professionals too) fretting about 25 USD per month and that too for a cause which directly affects their dignity, their professional career and in the long term their quest for a happy and fulfilling life.

    Somebody also used the term 'commercialization' before even reading through IV's agenda which clearly includes the phrase 'Non profit organization'.

    Aman Kapoor invested thousands of dollars to fight for this cause in terms of money and time, and yet some people flinch in horror at the thought of contributing 25 dollars per month.

    As I have always said and will repeatedly say '10000 active and committed members are better than 25000 fence sitters/free loaders.'

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  • crazyAbtUS
    12-24 03:36 PM


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  • Raji
    05-12 05:09 PM
    Very wise of you Nitin. I doubt that anyone in this forum disagrees with what you have said.

    But I also believe that IV members are here to address some issues confronting them re the GC processing. I would focus on things that need doing - the core agenda - not on fraud committed by some handful of persons, and who has got his/her spouse a job where. These are not issues that concern us - there are enough crabs in the anti-basket to bring legal immigrants down - its a stunning revelation that USCIS can at random hike fees, lengthen process, and leave legal immigrants in a limbo for years on end. Indeed the system is so incoherent that to this day they are unable to give us a reply on waiting times and our place in the line. I prsonally have yet to see such an ill-defined and poorly organized immigration system anytwhere in the world. Every nation - be it Canada, Australia, NZ, or UK have a clear outline and timeline as to fees, waiting periods, rights and responsbilities of people in the line to immigrate - be it for PR or citizenship. And this is the very least we too can expect of the US immigration system. A big push is needed for immigration reform for legal immigrants. And we are not likely to get anywhere if our focus will be on issues that are raised in anti-immigration forums. This is not to say these issues do not exist - the point I am trying to make is that they are NOT OUR issues.

    We only need to focus on the positive. The contributions of the genuine, law-abiding majority of legal H1B who come from many nations across the world and get stuck for years on an artificially created queue. The fact that we have come here on an H1 B visa which by law allowed us to file for a GC. The issue @ hand is waiting time, and associated concerns, an attempt to end retrogression, remove per country limits or at least align them with H!B intake numbers, and recapture of visa numbers. Many of us have lived here 7+ years, have put down some roots, and would like to see some positive end to this frustraing wait. We also need to Q the DHS and CIS process why we are indefinately funding the CIS and seeing no result to our cases. No one likes their life to be held up and that is why we need to get together to end this unfair wait.

    To Core: I would argue that the issues that need to be fixed re GC for legal EB immigrants are issues of PROCESS not POLICY. Yes, these issues are often rolled into a bundle and presented as policy - I would argue that they need to be DELINKED from CIR and such like that focus on policy based issues regarding illegal immigrants. This nation already has a policy to allow people to immigrate legally - the problems are in the proces of executing that policy. That and that alone needs to be our focus.


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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 10:11 PM
    anyone can start a thread, if you need help doing it, you may wish to ask politely and someone will tell you.

    why so? ask yourself. read your own comments. and let us all know how you have helped the process of ending YOUR retrogression.

    i have reviewed every post you ever put on iv. i don't see any deleted post.
    so you may want to think again. hardly anything is deleted around here. otherwise a lot of intemperate stuff that's posted would disappear.

    ultimately it comes to this: if 25,000 members show no interest in contributing in a fund drive (barring the minuscule 500 who did), what's the point in being "friendly". hey- iv is you and me. there is nothing else. no building, assets, stocks. I or aman or pappu or logiclife and every other core member and iv leader are just like you. we have jobs and families to take care of. we are afflicted by immigration retrogression- like you.
    we have put in time, money and effort at great cost to our personal lives. i wish i could "like you" to that one too.

    if "members" are willing to make this their organization their own- if there is to be this sense of involvement and ownership, then we will succeed. if not, if the attitude for the most is going to be "why should i" and "nope i am not contributing" and "how dare you ask" and "i have free speech" and "why doesn't iv do xyz for me" and "why should logiclife use this and that tenor" and "why did abc say def to me" and "i demand respect" and the best "these are my 2c but don't ask me to lift a finger to do this- iv should do this" then forget it. won't happen. because that IV you are imagining doing wonders and making miracles is YOU.

    let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in the fund drive, joined state chapters, met lawmakers, took initiatives to start state groups, ran the funding threads and contributed in any other way.
    you are guys are true assets to iv- in fact you are the true iv. kudos to you!


    First time I am seeing you angry.:)


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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:19 AM
    Members are slowly but steadily getting seated .... my guess is that in about 15 minutes it should start

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  • Macaca
    02-06 11:33 AM
    Yes--Universties--come under non-profit as per INS, hence exempted from quota, but not Elem/Middle/High schools.
    USCIS is much more screwed up then our collective imagination.


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  • yabadaba
    11-02 04:18 PM
    khodalmd...u already got your greencard. stop trolling the IV boards...thanks to uncle toms like you we were not able to get a foothold when we had a chance last year. why r u still here if u have ur GC?

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  • maheshmail
    07-30 01:42 PM
    for options trading...is there any site you will suggest which provides daily alerts???


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  • bugsbunny
    04-22 11:26 AM
    A question -- has IV considered challenging the country quota in court? Because the Constitution forbids discrimination based on country of origin..

    another nice topic to debate....i know that i debated with people about this a while ago and they made good arguments why setting immigration limits/controls by country origin is not discrimination.

    Besides the limit is the same for all countries so very difficult to argue for discrimination

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  • amitjoey
    01-31 12:49 PM
    can u provide a link. This rule is bad for AILA because of the loss of revenue and hence they were against it. But since this is in the "Final Rule Making" process there's not much they can do. BTW u don't need to have the I140 approved for the LC sub to go thru. U just need the labor substitution approved stamp before the rule gets published.

    go to aila.com, then go to "additional recent postings" (approx - center of page-under -just posted-greyed link) look for -

    Rumor of the Day:


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  • smartboy75
    10-24 02:46 PM
    You had mentioned in your previous post that your EB2 green card was approved in June 2007or did you mean EAD?
    Am I missing something?

    I think he is one of those lucky ones ..whose I-485 was approved by USICS just before the July 2 fiasco....Remember they exhausted 60,000 visa numbers by burning mid-night oil ?? ring a bell...

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-01 04:47 PM
    There are literally hundreds of thousands of people from India and China ready to take your or my place if we go back. This is even if you tell them they will be stuck with the same employer and job profile for years, and no hope of a GC for the next 7 years. The lure of the US is still big. Reverse-brain-drain threat is unlikely to work...


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  • santb1975
    01-31 06:34 PM
    for voting and keeping this question under # 10 of the most popular questions. Please remember to send similar questions to the Presidential Debate's. I will send one in too

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  • geevikram
    06-05 11:33 PM
    Please call all of them. It took me only 10 mins.

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  • skumar9
    08-26 11:01 AM
    Yes, ICICI is not a good bank, if you pay attention on the things they do you will surely realize this fact. They cheat a lot on all Loans and all kinds of deposits and transfers. I hate this bank. SBI is the best for evrything.

    02-20 12:23 PM

    I'm starting a new thread where I'll post research and stats that lend more credibility and/or support skilled, legal immigration. This should also be added to our presentation material for lawmakers!



    Starting off, here is a recent study by the influential Kauffman Foundation which clearly backs the rationale for expanding skilled, legal immigration...

    New Kauffman Foundation Study Identifies Key Factors Driving Offshoring of Corporate R&D

    Wendy Guillies, Kauffman Foundation, 816-932-1046, wguillies@kauffman.org
    Tom Phillips, Communication Partners, 212-935-4655, comptwp@aol.com

    KANSAS CITY, MO, February 16, 2006 - Contrary to popular belief, it is intellectual capital and university collaboration, not just lower costs, that primarily attract companies to locate R&D activities in locations away from their home country, according to a new study sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The study of more than 200 multinational companies across 15 industries, mostly headquartered in the United States and Western Europe, finds that emerging countries such as China and India will continue to be major beneficiaries of R&D expansion over the next three years as companies seek new market opportunities, access to top scientists and engineers, and collaborative research relationships with leading universities.

    The study was released at a meeting of the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) of the National Academies. It was conducted by Marie Thursby, Ph.D., Professor of Strategic Management, Georgia Tech College of Management, and Jerry Thursby, Chair of the Department of Economics, Emory University, with sponsorship by the Kauffman Foundation.

    Designed to identify and rank the importance of different factors feeding into the corporate decision-making process as to where to locate R&D facilities, the study also tracked R&D work coming into the United States from abroad, as well as R&D work going in the reverse direction; addressed favored countries for locating R&D work and why; and outlined trends industry expects for R&D expansion in the future.

    Among the top factors going into new R&D siting decisions in both developed and emerging countries are market growth potential, quality of R&D talent, collaboration with universities and IP protection. How these factors influence the decision, however, depend on whether the site is in a developed or emerging country. In neither emerging nor developed countries was cost consideration the most important factor, which runs contrary to what has been reported by the media (according to an analysis of media coverage over the past few years in The Wall Street Journal and New York Times on multinational R&D locations).

    Among the study's more surprising findings, according to the researchers, was the role university collaboration plays in the decision-making process for locating R&D facilities. In fact, collaboration with universities was particularly prevalent as a factor for expanding to emerging countries, even though these countries provide lesser degrees of IP protection.

    "The study underscores the critical role universities play in a country's national innovation system, not just in the training of new scientists and access to the best talent, but in the ease of developing and licensing technology," said Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.

    More than half of the corporate respondents who identify the United States as their home country report that they have either recently expanded or planned to locate R&D facilities in China and India vs. other developed countries. Of 63 Western European companies responding, 13 plan on expanding or locating new R&D facilities to the United States. The issue of collaborative research between universities and corporations has been a growing concern within the United States, with some observers saying legal wrangling over intellectual property rights is not only slowing the pace of innovation but also prompting companies to seek university research partners in other countries.

    The study indicates, however, that while the trend toward R&D offshoring to Asia will continue despite concerns over IP protection, companies are keeping their most cutting-edge research in developed countries where IP protection is the strongest. According to the study, only 22 percent of the R&D effort in emerging countries is for new science.

    "The United States would seem to have a comparative advantage in maintaining its innovative leadership through the high caliber of its scientists and its strong protection of IP," said Lesa Mitchell, vice president of Advancing Innovation at the Kauffman Foundation. "Industry and universities must be alert to removing obstacles to joint research, or emerging countries will overtake us in innovation breakthroughs, and the burst of discovery that has been driving our economy for the past half-century will be over."

    Another public policy implication of the findings, say the researches, is that the United States must focus on highly skilled worker immigration.

    "We are educating the best and the brightest, but make it impossible for them to stay in America and immigrate. We need major immigration reform that welcomes, instead of pushes out, highly skilled workers," said Dr. Marie Thursby.

    The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City is a private, nonpartisan foundation that works with partners to advance entrepreneurship in America and improve the education of children and youth. The Kauffman Foundation was established in the mid-1960s by the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion

    03-14 08:31 AM

    I get 404 error when clicked on the above url. Did they remove it ? is it again the same July 2007 fiasco ?

    Try now, it is back !