No Doubt Ponytail Hairstyles 2011

Ponytail Hairstyles in 2011 is pony tails but you don’t just want to sling your hair back and loop a hair tie around it but you want to style the pony tail so it has a flirty different look to it. You can take that pony tail and give it a tousled look so it seems to fan out on your back. Carrie Underwood knows how to make her hair look long and curly and romantic. So you who choose to have Ponytail Hairstyles in 2011 know how to have it styled in a pony tail so it looks good too.

Another form of Ponytails in 2011 is two loose ponytails at either side of the face but these are not ponytails that are pulled tight up by the ears but they are loose ponytails where the ponytail bands are partway down the length of hair then the ponytail ends are slightly curled into very soft corkscrew curls.

Or you can go with that Paris Hilton ponytail where she pulls the short bit of hair at the nape of the neck in the back into a small ponytail which certainly is not streamlined but short and choppy but still in a ponytail. The short pony tail with a jeweled clip at the point where the hair is gathered into the ponytail sets a nice hair style look and you can use this look well into summer 2011. Adding a jeweled or sparkly hair piece will be hot throughout 2011 too.