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  • alisa
    02-11 05:34 PM
    Right and wrong are relative.
    You and I both agree about what is going on.
    Interpretation of the law is also subjective.

    What I am trying to tell you my friend, like I have tried to tell others like you before, is this. If IV hurts my interest, I would have to be an absolute moron to support it.

    I really want to contribute more, and get active in my state chapter, but it is posts like these that make me pause and have second thoughts about it.

    This is completly wrong statement. Actually, it is otherway. The EB3-ROW is currently enjoying at the expense of EB2-India and China. It is enjoying not only in this year. It is happening since 2005. If you have doubt, please visit DOS website and anayze the statistics right from 1999 to 2005. Furthermore, all the AC21 numbers (about 150,000 unused visas) that was captured in previous years (1999-2001) that came from unused EB2 and EB1 numbers. Theoritcally, these numbers should have been used to reduce backlog in EB2 first, then it should go to EB3. Since no one cared about this, EB3-ROW was free riding in EB2 numbers despite heavy demand in EB2.

    Everyone knows that EB3 is heavily retrogressed compare to EB2. No doubt about that. The only solution for this is to increse the numbers. Everyone is working hard. However, it does not mean that one should ignore how DOS/USCIS mis-interpertinng the law and doing harm to EB2 Indians and Chinese. No one here is to sacrifice for EB3-ROW. Fighting to eliminate retrogression and understaing the correct interpretation of law and rule is totally two different issues. Please do not confuse between those.

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  • amitjoey
    02-01 01:55 PM
    What is IV's position on more H1Bs?

    IV does not support, nor oppose H1-increase as far as I know, that is not on the agenda at all. IV was formed by and for EB -applicants to ease some of the hardships faced by the EB Community and to end the visa-number unavailability and retrogression.

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  • ps57002
    01-30 05:29 PM
    I see another question too on legal immigration...vote for that too..we need to bring forward legal immigration questions

    Question on: Immigration
    Illegal immigration has been a topic of heated debate and has received much needed attention during this election. In the midst of all the hype and bickering about ILLEGAL immigration, there is a group of people, often forgotten and ignored, who are caught up in a bureaucratic mess and yet are patiently waiting on the path to LEGAL immigration. This is a group of high skilled workers, most of whom have advanced degrees in medicine, engineering and science from Universities in the US. These people have obeyed all laws, worked hard, paid taxes and waited their turn, many for a decade, because of a system that is hopelessly broken and inefficient. I am one of these people and I have been in the US legally for 10 years and still years away from getting a green card. As the President of the United States how do you intend to address the problems faced by future Americans already living and working LEGALLY in the United States? Please note, this question is NOT about ILLEGAL immigration but about LEGAL immigration.

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  • lacrossegc
    12-02 02:00 AM
    Its not IV I am worried about ... I trust them completely.
    Its the the big bad wolves out there :) .... they might use such info to their advantage ....(call me paranoid)
    I believe, the best and safest way to disseminate such important information is through state chapters. I know what you are getting at when suggesting that we should be open about our needs and goals .... The strategic vision is pretty much laid out by the core and is clear enough for the general public (I think) ...
    monetary needs... thats a different ball game ...


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  • Macaca
    11-07 12:15 PM
    Another Iowan from Cedar Falls wrote in support of our review of the H-1B program. He is a computer programmer with a master's degree and over 20 years of work experience in that field. He says: Despite all of my qualifications, in the last four years I have applied to over 3,700 positions and have received no job offers. He believes he is in constant competition with H-1B visa holders.

    The unemployment rate is 1.8% which is much lower then unemployable rate. Some persons are unemployable. That is, they will not get a job even if H-1B quota is set to 0.

    The ONLY way for such persons to get job is with the legilative fix: every American is entitled to a job!

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  • Juan28210
    04-19 01:42 PM
    Hi Folks,

    I hope you could share your experiences if you belong to the same situation.

    I have an approved EB2 labor cert thru PERM, and I belong to ROW. I am now preparing to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

    I just saw my petitioner's(S-corporation) federal tax return. Gross revenue is $700,000; Net income is $20,000 which is only a quarter of my current wage. The offered wage per my labor cert is $80,000.

    Do I have a big chance of denial in the I-140 stage due to employer's inability to pay? Please advise.



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  • cygent
    01-31 03:41 AM
    its at 20, lets move it to top 5!

    FYI: You voted NO in this, could you change that?

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-05 04:43 PM
    thanks for explaining. my suggestion then is to go to school on F1 (maybe ?) and get a degree that can help him/her get a job that qualifies under H1b.

    Our main goal to solve the retrogression problem.

    Well then by that logic the US Govt can turn around and tell all of us the same thing right? This is our processing time, take it or go elsewhere :)

    Also converting to an f1 has SERIOUS implications. For starters you have to shell out a LOT of money for a full time degree. Secondly in some cases the person may STILL not be eligible to apply for an H1 coz that job profile.

    Lastly I did not mean we contact Human rights activists for the same.


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  • desixp
    12-27 08:39 AM

    It is taking about 8 to 9 business days to process. This does not include the courier time. For my wife's passport we got it after two days because VFS handed the passport to Blue Dart after the cut off time at Chennai. We had our interview on 7th of Dec and we got our PP's on 20th and 22nd. I would not recommend any changes to the airline tickets until you get your PP in hand.

    Hope this information helps.


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  • sathishav
    04-19 09:28 AM
    Congrats OP. That is real good news. encouragement to all other eb3 folks out there.


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  • franklin
    07-12 01:57 PM
    Just tried sending you a PM but it says you have exceeded your stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until you clear some space. Perhaps you could activate the ability for members to send you an email?

    Thanks - I just emptied things out!

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  • gaz
    09-17 01:53 PM
    2nd order amendment -seems related to illegal immigration and deportation of convicted criminals

    yes it is...but will they do it?:)


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  • hope4gc
    01-21 01:58 PM
    See what I mean. More than stat-arb, the HFT programs keep looking for pattrens in order flow and front run them. Thats why you have lattice trading and when a fund wants to sell a big block, they dont even go to the exchanges. they pick up the phone and call someone "upstairs"

    SEC moving toward banning flash orders - Yahoo! Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/SEC-moving-toward-banning-apf-1986666746.html?x=0&sec=topStories&pos=2&asset=&ccode=)
    You seemed to be a Pro with so much of information.
    I know this is a pretty old thread, but interested to find out if you give some tips on starting this business on a H1B and how i can withdraw profits from that?
    Any help is appreciated.

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  • mirage
    10-07 07:43 PM
    Did you guys paid attention to this, when Inflation rose to 13% Indian Finance Minister said it is because Oil is at $160 a barrel, but now as Oil has come down, Inflation has come down worldwide Inflation is still above 12% in India. also, when Stock markets were at 22K Indian FM minister used to give Interviews every day it is because of great policies of UPA govt. Now Sensex has slashed 40%, Finance Mn. has suddenly dissapeared. Did you guys also heard him saying 'Indian economy is insulated from ongoing US crisis'. I doubt if there is a bigger liar in Indian govt. than the finance minister he's beaten Laloo, amar singh types...


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  • newuser
    12-23 10:51 AM
    Posted my story too

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  • arsh007
    02-01 06:19 PM
    I have worked for some of the big Indian IT companies including HCL Technologies and Satyam and can tell you all that these companies are the most screwed up companies in terms of bringing in H1 and L1s from India and paying them peanuts for salaries. For example Satyam and TCS here in St Louis have a large outsourcing deal with Citigroup. There are about 50-60 Satyam Engineers here on H1 and L1 visas being paid around $45,000 per month+Benefits which is just about the Labor prevailing wage in this area.

    Talk about rotten Desi companies and even the bigger players are not far behind in trying to suppress wages for Engineers and bending rules in lots of instances to bring in a flood of L1s/H1s from India to work on onsite projects.


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  • Ramba
    02-18 04:32 PM

    if the transfer/extension of H1B gets rejected after travelled on AP, is it possible to move on EAD and continue working legally? I am talking worst case scenario here.

    Although my lawyer confirmed that one can still have a valid H1B status after travelling using AP. My co-worder is still in doubt. Our corporate attorney seems to be clueless for this tricky situation.

    Even USCIS is clueless. My feeling is that generally (about 70-90% time) they will grant the extension/transfer as it brings lot of revenue (fee) for them. But, if some officer may feels that, to seek the transfer cum extension one should be in same status. It is hard to convince them in case of RFE, as there is no specific memo/policy/regulation for this situation. It also fuels the natural doubt of the officer?. Why the AOS applicant entered on AP seek non-employment chage of status (instead of using EAD)? Using EAD and AP is simple and avoids complications in employment transfer. This is my view.

    To answer your question, you can use EAD in case, if your H1B transfer fails.

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  • srikondoji
    10-10 10:48 PM
    The only difference between the historic data (1930/1960/1990) and 2008 is that, we are in globalized economy now. The crash you are seeing now is much much different than what anybody has seen before.

    Crude prices are crashing because the demand growth projections Goldman sachs had was based on availability of which is not the case now. So, demand for crude is lower and hence oil prices are crashing. Look at GM and ford. They are going down too, because auto sales are doomed for next 2 years.

    The problem why Gold will go up is multifold.
    China, OPEC countries have huge dollar reserves and hence would like to diversify their dollars. The run up in Gold is just because China and few Oil exporting countries were buying Gold. Gold still has more room to rise. I am talking about physical gold and not the paper gold (GLD ticker symbol).

    United States has to print dollars to meet the present crisis. At the same time, it has support those currency papers with Gold. Without Gold backing, dollar value will be crushed.
    I am goldsmith and i do know the history of Gold going back to decades. I also read several books to top it all.
    See the value of Gold after making inflation adjustments. Don't just look at the per ounce value in dollar terms.

    Unless you look at money supply (m3), you will not be able to get a grip on Gold value.
    Google on term 'brenton woods' and do some reading.

    The only way Gold can be crushed is if
    a) United States sells all its Gold holdings.
    b) If some gold miner miraculously says that they found a mine with billions of ounces of gold and which can profitably extracted.

    There is one theory floating around. United States may sell some of its gold reserves to make up for $700 Billions. However, there are buyers out there who would love to take that Gold. China's biggest headache right now is, what to do with their Dollars.

    United States long term bonds are going to yield nothing and will be worthless.

    We can go on this forever and fill these pages.

    Look at 1930/1960/1990 history you would understand why it make sense buy US bonds during stressed time because yield will go down and price will shoot up

    Eventually they will get out when they find there is no purchasing power on other side of globe. learn How gold crashed from $840 -$170 between 1981- 1990 and why gold price was stable between 1991-2001.

    Gold price would not shoot up when most of the developed countries banks are in trouble like 1989-1992

    I would not suggest more than 5% of your net worth in gold, but you should know your appetite

    China has to lend more of its reserve to western economies otherwise its own export will be in peril, so they would not invest in gold...

    Learn relationship between crude and gold, crude would go back to$50/barrel , so Arab govts would have not money to buy gold...

    Russians were stronger in 1970's and US crushed them to no where ,800 banks failed in 1990 and Japanese were stronger than today's Chinese economy but US smashed in 5 years

    If you understand how US crushed you would not laugh you would be happy that you are in best part of earth

    Moreover I am not saying I am right on everything , I am just writing what I feel , time has to judge our predictions.

    Do you know why economists are not best paid executives than scientist?

    You would understand laughing and bet would not make sense on capital markets.

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  • T-O
    06-15 06:48 AM
    Introducing the Apple iBOY. Wish I could have spent more time on it, but I'm too lazy ;).

    Edit: I just realized this is not really a skin... more of a modification. Is it legal? If not, I'd like to have this entry voided so I can try again hehe.

    :thumb: This one's awesome! :D

    04-20 05:00 PM
    In any case, why should someone be SO disturbed if some lawyer says "I will try to prove your degree equivalency for trying to get into EB2"?

    Going by folks' behavior here, I am inclined to think, some simply hate such a lawyer for nothing more than personal interests

    We are all here for personal interests...:D

    06-07 10:03 AM
    Mr Logiclife - you have put things in an excellent manner. It is very true that we are no less than citizens. Citizens, non citizens, aliens etc.. are terms used widely that actually confuse people. For example the term "illegal immigrant" sounds more immigrant than a "legal alien". People just dont understand what is what. I have noticed a lot of people having their own wrong opinions about h1b visa holders. People do not understand what is what. In fact most people on h1b visa do not even know or understand retrogression or other issues. For eg.. I was talking to my friend in India and told him about the issues here, he did not understand, he thought I am having a tough time here and told me he has some friends in US who can help me out with immigration problems. When I explained our issues to some people here, some understood and some did not, they told me they know some lawyers who are very good and can help. One of my old employer started a new company in Atlanta and contacted me and asked me to join, but I told him I cannot because I am stuck with my ppresent employer and will lose priority date blah... he did not understand that and was confused.

    Mr Logiclife - what I am trying to say is we have to broadcast and educate people that we are no less than anyone. We have to educate our own folks first that none of the skilled immigrants are less previliged. If a section of your website is dedicated for this effort, it will be great.