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  • getgreensoon1
    04-20 11:33 AM
    Hey Bel -

    Quite honestly I think the best value from an MBA is derived from the timing, i.e. where one is in his / her career. I had a B Com (Accounting) from University of Sydney, an American CPA, combined with 10 years of work experience whilst enrolling for the MBA. I knew ahead, the curriculum wasn't going to bring added technical knowledge, however, it did bring some new ways of approaching the business community. Having the opportunity to sit in a class room and share / hear experiences from some of the successful executives does broaden the thought process. The program also helps build / expand the network. Again, I didn't feel I learnt something groundbreaking on the technical aspects of accounting / financial analysis, or the everyday business etc, but I wouldn't say it was completely useless. Plus for some reason, the "tag" does help.

    BTW, I'm not sure the background of those who provided you feedback. My sentiments are shared at least by 3 good friends. One is a Wharton Alum and the other two, from University of Toronto. All of whom had at least 14 years of work experience, and were Canadian Chartered Accountants at the time of enrollment. The feedback could vary depending on the backgrounds.

    May be that is the reason you took offense when people commented on Bcom thing. An MBA is valuable only if your bachelors degree is valuable. Many people have this wrong notion that it does not matter what you have in your bachelors, if you get an MBA everything is all set. Companies need engineer + MBA combination. Very few companies hire MBAs for accounting work. DOn't confuse accounting with finance, they are different. I can tell you that for sure, as i work in finance.

    Contents of MBA also matter, most people take easy way out by taking all bluff management, marketing and strategy courses. Very few take the hardcore finance courses such as derivatives, fixed income, and valuations (these courses could differ in level of difficulty based on school).

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  • wandmaker
    06-06 02:26 PM

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-19 09:27 PM
    Your comment is proof that even the best education money can buy does not make up for being short on common sense, decency and respect. Perhaps you should attempt another Masters, and shove it where the sun never shines. It's stunning, some of the "educated" prima donnas who make up this community.

    Found one more without good education.

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  • sdrblr
    09-15 09:40 AM
    I believe it was last year(not sure exactly) when USCIS started this new initiative where the AILA members can send an email and "Remind" them that a particular case is current. Basically you will send an email with the subject

    EB I-485/SEPT or EB I-485/OCT or EB I-485/DEC (Month of the VB when you will be current)

    and the body will have just the A #s

    A123456789, A987654321

    Note if you have multiple A#s (self, spouse etc) seperate it by comma.

    send it to OR

    You will get an automated reply with in minutes

    I not sure whether this works...but hey who cares all that you are doing is sending an email.


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  • hrushi_j
    09-17 12:48 PM
    7y 10n

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  • drirshad
    05-02 05:21 AM

    Six key Congressmen and Senators

    Washington and NYC, Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    HLG will be traveling to Washington DC for a meeting Wednesday with a Senator�s lead staffer on immigration. The Senator is one of the six people who we have regularly mentioned as key on this issue.

    The meeting was set-up by one of our best clients. The purpose of the meeting is to impress upon the Senator's staffer the importance of a �bridge� bill to end immediately Schedule retrogression. This is the fifth different HLG staffing company/facility client who has successfully set-up such a meeting in the last six weeks.

    We are guardedly optimistic that a bridge bill can be passed in the near term, in spite of Congressional leaders� apprehension. As we have previously mentioned there is an inverse relationship between the likelihood of a bridge bill and CIR. To some degree this is understandable � Congresses overall goal is to pass a major immigration bill that solves many needs, not just healthcare�s desires.

    After the Washington DC trip, we head to New York City for our Annual Symposium. We currently have full registration for this event. We look forward to seeing everyone. We�ll try and post over the next few days, although that may be impossible in light of the travel plans. In the meantime, if anyone has any connection with the �Big Six,� please try and set up an appointment. HLG will surely attend and advocate.

    Here are the six key Congressmen and Senators:

    Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
    Sen. Edward Kennedy (D- MA)
    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)


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  • petepatel
    09-17 11:23 AM
    It is on now

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  • tb2904
    08-11 02:11 PM


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  • shana04
    04-20 12:48 PM

    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER on April 15, 2008, and are now reviewing our earlier decision. ........

    Friends / Gurus,

    I got this mail yesterday from USCIS, is this some thing I need to worry about.

    My 485 pending since July 17 (Received date July 18 and changed employer in Feb 08)180 days passed, changed employer using AC21 with H1B transfer after 180 days on pending 485.

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  • nixstor
    06-11 04:24 PM
    what if Obama does not win :) ..if something has to pass it will pass during this term. things and priorities change after a person gets elected. this is politics 101. I appreciate your optimism and if there is no spill over then EB3-I faces the worst case scenario. as usual the truth is somewhere in between. i.e. be ready for a long road ..if you get before that ..then good.
    as others mentioned ..the only other thing you can do is support IV.
    I follow politics too and politics is very complex for mortals like us. there are many obstacles for Obama ..his tax policies, some of the controversies and mr Rezko ..why do you think Clinton only suspended her campaign but did not close it completely ?


    It doesn't matter what the president wants to do as far as CIR is concerned. As far as CIR is concerned, George W begged it to be passed in both houses well before he became a lame duck. I don't see how the lawmakers on far right can come and align with the far left or even the lawmakers who are in the center. For the CIR to pass through without issues, Dems should control both houses with a big majority. Also, if you are thinking that Obama is going to win this, you are very well underestimating Mac. watch out for the GOP machine in the last 2 months and it will be a different ball game. Clinton lost because her campaign was over confident and by the time they realized they had a string of 10 bad states whose background does not suit her. Mac's campaign can't be over confident after they saw what happened. GOP is going to do its best to further divide the badly bruised Democratic party. Its few states that will decide this election and its difficult to carry states winning only the metropolitan areas. Obama won 5 counties of 90 some counties in OH. If his performance in general election is going to be the same, forget OH. Same situation in WV.

    For now, I feel Obama is a great visionary and ideologue. No one knows whether he will achieve most of the things he is promising to do if he becomes the president. But he has been very logical and rational esp with the gas tax holiday. All said, he looks like a destiny's child. Imagine where he would have been if the Rev wright wreck came before the Iowa caucuses.

    There are so many ifs and buts. our interests are best served with out the big vehicle CIR. If thats the only vehicle, we possibly are going to be held hostage.


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  • dilber
    01-08 05:54 PM
    Did any one else notice they took out the section "D" where they usually give explanation about future movements or lack of current Movements.

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  • Bradman
    11-05 10:21 AM
    Can you please tell me who you addressed the letter to (letter to the president) - is it just the address given on the WH website. Did you send it to anyone's attention in particular. Thanks in advance for the info.

    The President George W Bush,

    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

    Washington, DC 20500

    Mention in the subject line: FBI Name Check pending.

    Also send it by a regular post as I have seen and it worked for me, whether it was the FL, State Senator or the Local Congressman !

    Also make it a point to write at the top of the envelop (Immigration Assistance). Let the letter be very personalized and write your traumatic experience.

    All the best !!!


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  • Krilnon
    05-30 11:23 PM
    The 1st of July is about a month from now.

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  • sureshn22
    12-21 09:51 PM
    vfs received my passport today i.e., Dec 18th. Dec 6th 1400 hrs was the H1b appointment.

    Here's an extract from Mr.Aytes
    PIMS (Petition Information Management System)

    Under PIMS, every consul must see information of an I-129 petition on the system before issuing a visa. As background information, we reproduce the following from an advisory on AILA Infonet:

    �Under PIMS, I-129 petitions requesting consular notification as the procedural benefit are sent to KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) after approval. KCC enters key data from the petition into PIMS and scans in key documents such as I-129 form, employer support letter, and identification documents of beneficiary. KCC also performs some database checks looking for evidence of fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records (including from SEVIS) and records its findings in PIMS. When a post is ready to grant a visa based on a petition (and apparently this includes derivatives), it must confirm the petition in PIMS before issuance. DOS knows that USCIS has not been sending change of status or extension of stay petitions to KCC at all, and we expect that interagency discussions are underway about changing that. We know also that even some consular notification petitions have not been sent to KCC. Any petition not sent to KCC will not show up in PIMS, and there may be other reasons why a petition sent to KCC does not show up in PIMS. When a post does not find a petition in PIMS, it must email to KCC, which unlike posts has direct access to USCIS' CLAIMS3 system where USCIS records petition approvals. KCC will record the fact of the petition approval and any other information it chooses, and when posts check PIMS they can find the information on which visa approval can be based. But until the post sees the petition in PIMS, the visa cannot be granted.�

    Mr. Aytes acknowledged that PIMS caught consuls by surprise. Every client must be warned of a wait of 2-4 working days before being issued a visa at an overseas consular post. It is likely that an I-129 petition filed as a change or extension of status will result in further delays as USCIS does not send information on those petitions to the KCC.
    My wife attended H4 Visa interview on 6th but we are yet to receive passport. VFS is clueless and Consulate answers 3-4 working days everytime we call them. Is anyone facing this situation?


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-12 10:00 PM
    Do you know the history of NPR? Do you know how it is funded or how it operates?

    Here's some information:
    NPR supports its operations through a combination of membership dues and programming fees from over 860 independent radio stations (, sponsorship ( from private foundations and corporations, and revenue from the sales ( of transcripts, books, CDs, and merchandise. A very small percentage -- between one percent to two percent of NPR's annual budget -- comes from competitive grants sought by NPR from federally funded organizations, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (, National Science Foundation ( and the National Endowment for the Arts (

    On average, public radio stations (including NPR Member stations) receive the largest percentage of their revenue (34%) from listener support, 24% from corporate underwriting and foundations, and 13% from CPB allocations.*

    Also note:
    NPR sponsors receive on-air acknowledgement for their financial support via ten second announcements that are broadcast during NPR programs. Online sponsorship is also available.

    (In other words, the on-air acknowledgements boil down to advertising.. ).

    Now let's take a step back and determine how most "professional organizations" like IEEE, AILA, and myriad other "associations" function...

    Does it make more sense now?

    Physicians have physicians' associations/bodies/organizations.
    Engineers have their own. So do pilots, nurses, actors, screen writers, photographers, sales professionals, etc.

    If we pride ourselves as an organization of high-skilled professionals, why not look at it as such and operate as such??? (Those who do not currently contribute may also be motivated to participate, even if just for the tangible benefits... )


    Paid membership will not benefit the cause of IV at all. IV is a volunteer organization and paid membership will not do any good. Better approach is to raise awareness and tread a fine balance in asking for contributions.

    Look at NPR. (National Public Radio) It is a public radio service and it's expenses are mostly footed by volunteer members like those who contribute for IV today. I think the key is raising the awareness and realizing that results take time.

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  • xela
    12-13 05:37 PM
    I do not appreciate you pretending to know what I think of everyone in here and their work. (Which just for the record I appreciate very much!)
    Simply put: I did not and do not think of anyone in here as an idiot.

    So please refrain from saying that in future.

    However, if all you think of IV is as a message board and a bunch of idiots trying to fix things that may never get fixed, and if they do - you'll always stand to gain - a membership-based organization would better serve the needs of the rest, imho.



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  • kkt_tkk
    09-11 03:39 PM

    ICICI (M2I) will charge , Rs.25/- for any transaction made, irrespective to amount or bank or to own ICICI a/c in India


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  • zCool
    01-31 11:02 AM
    Those who are celebrating .. consider this.. your employer decides for any reason to not continue filing I-140 or decides to let you go in 6th yr.. earlier you used to have at least possibility of sub labor.. now you are basically straight out of luck.. Also if microsoft needed some genius from China or India to join their team and the guy obviously deserves special consideration due to business need and/or his talent.. they are stuck..! It's not good.. yes desi folks were selling and buying these but remedy is worse than the defect.. they could have made changes to rules to make it stringent and almost impossible to get but no reason to place such arbitraty deadlines etc.. if H1B and GC is geared towards desi consulting.. it's should not and will not exist in the long run..
    Indentured servitude and middle-men agent type business model is not ideal for anyone including US economy..

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  • Leo07
    12-01 01:18 PM

    I know many of you may have already thought about this at some point. I'll lay out my views on the donations...IV can object/correct.

    I'm following the donations thread along with many of you and there is not much to be excited there.2000$ in 2 weeks....for all the Agenda that pappu has posted. I understand that everyone(including me)...will have limited resources at our disposal every month...may it be mortgage/daycare/medical/school or those unexpected the bottom line is there is not much room to increase our monthly contributions contributions.

    I was thinking...we are 25000 'real' people...and there are more than one visit by each person to this site.

    1. Can IV use any space to that IV can get some AD Money?

    2. Is it possible to get some space on popular pro-immigrant or immigrant driven donate to our cause?

    3. Would it be possible to split the donation denominations further 5 dollars..or even that all immigrants...including people who got the GC's/Citizenship can contribute with out looking deeper into their pockets.

    4. Optional....ebay/paypal donation to the peoples questions/answers...Mind you it is totally optional...if you want to donate 5/10/20/100...or how important the question is and hw satisfied the person is with the information...etc

    5. DOnation boxes at Immigrant owned grocery stores...with out compromising their principles

    Folks, I have layed them out with good intentions...and have also given a thought of what I personally can do for each point above...I'm not expecting the vultures to prey...on the post with mundane comments.


    04-21 02:36 PM
    Sent you a PM. please check :p.

    well, you are funny and good at intimidating people and invoking them in the way you want :D
    lets use the energy in positive way

    10-29 03:18 AM

    I remember that night....since then I lost my 2004 PD, had many hopes dashed, got laid off and so on...but still here, Enjoy your Green!

    "I've spent so long waiting I even get nostalgic about the early days. I remember very well, blogging one cold December night on Immigrationportal with Wallenpond, Pdakwala, Superman,Khodalmd and many other early IV luminaries in 2005 putting up a rearguard uncoordinated effort, when Rep. Sensenbrenner scuttled our visa recapture chances in conference committee. Following which IV was born with leadership from folks well known to us now. IV is your organisation and platform. It will only be as strong as you let it be. "