Easy Steps For You To Curl With hair straightening iron

hair straightening iron
It has never been easier to get beautiful curls on straight hair natural. Now you can forget spending a fortune utensils styling and care professionals, because you can use the straightening irons. Learn how you can curl your hair using your hair straightening iron.
The curly hair has always been regarded as glamorous and beautiful. There is another simple way to get curls in your hair using your hair straightener. The heat of the rectifier with a curling technique will help you create loops loose or tight, depending on your preference and the width offlat iron.
  • Brush the hair and separate a part of hair from the neck area using your fingers or a rat tail comb.
  • Clip the rest of the hair up using a hair clip or a scrunchy.
  • Take a relatively small section of the hair you want to curl from the loose part of hair and take the heated chi straightening iron, place close to the scalp and close the two plates together. Twist the straightening iron to form a U shape or twist the hair around the curling iron, and slowly move the straightener towards the ends of the hair section without stopping.For babyliss pro elegance straighteners.
  • Move on tho the next small section of hair and do the same until you have finished the entire part.
  • Remove the scrunchy or hair clip and take again another part of hair which will be curled the same way until you have finished the entire head.
  • Dust a little bit of hairspray to set the curls.
  • the wider the hair section the looser the curl will be and the smaller the section the tighter the curl.For farouk chi wee flat iron.
  • the slower you move the straightener down the more defined the curl will get
  • you can curl just a few hair strands starting from the middle, and leave the rest of the hair straight if you don't want to curl your entire hair. You will get a very glamorous and classy look.
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