Bonner Brother Hairstyles

Bonner Brothers holds one of the largest hair shows in North America, and the largest dedicated to African American hairstyles, annually in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1947, the three Bonner siblings began teaching cosmetology and started the first trade show. The variety of hairstyles shown at this show throughout its history is enormous, and allows for the yearly trends to be highlighted to both customers and participants in the show. Although mostly directed towards African Americans, Bonner Brothers hairstyles and hair products can also work on almost any individual.

Bright hues are in vogue as of early 2011, with a single color applied to the hair. Auburn and red hues are the most common, especially on short hair. However, for those who desire less of a shocking hairstyle and more subtlties in their hairstyle, the two-toned effect, especially on ear-length, straight haircuts, is also popular, with the bright color being applied to the bottom layer of the hair and the natural hair resting on top.

Short hair has become common across the fashion board in early 2011, and Bonner Brothers has caught on to the trend. A boyish haircut, reminiscent of a clean-cut male, is in vogue. Mohawk-type hairstyles, such as short on the sides and long on the top, styled upward and held with products, is persisting as a popular hairstyle. Finally, the blunt, all around, bowl-type haircut is also fashionable.

Blunt, straight bangs that rest right above the eyebrows, reminiscent of the 1960s Twiggy look, are being applied to haircuts of all lengths in 2011. The original hairstyle, however, must be straight. The bangs can be worn on both colored and natural hair, and works well on either short or long straight haircuts. The bangs, however, must be constantly trimmed to maintain this look, and must be straightened with a hair straightener to keep them looking perfect.

Highlighting the elegance of early 2011, large buns are common as an up-do. Worn out for a night on the town, or a traditional dinner, the bun almost resembles a hat due to how large it is. The bun can be worn on the side or back of the head. The rest of the hair is pulled sleekly against the skull before being gathered to make the bun. The bun is then created from the straightened hair and pinned in place, creating an overall sleek look.