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  • english_august
    07-11 10:03 PM
    Will the Nor Cal P.R. person please stand-up!

    We are coordinating the media effort with the core team and focussing on the tactical stuff right now.

    Does that mean that you are preparing the press release as well? Please send some information our way so that we can start blogging.

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  • Jaime
    03-20 01:50 PM
    I doubt anyone has been through my situation because most of you are high or higher-paid IT professionals. In my case, my company's immigration attorneys have been requesting the prevailing wage over and over for more than a year noiw (in order to get me started with PERM) but the prevailing wage always comes back way higher than what I am getting paid! Evidently, I am severely underpaid, and there is no light at the end of my tunnel unless my company matches the prevailing wage, which I doubt they will do. I used to laugh at those that called H1B the "modern day slavery", but now I am not laughing anymore. Has anyone at all been through this ordeal and can at least share a shoulder to cry on? Thanks guys

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  • lazycis
    11-23 01:48 PM
    nc pending sept/2004

    File a lawsuit against the USCIS.

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  • Desertfox
    03-12 08:39 PM
    Just curious why you cannot join a state chapter?

    I don't think we are not hearing news from IV. The Admin fixes campaign has been the most important effort these days. So now we all need to give IV an update if we sent our letters. I would not care about core members who were old and new. I really dont care about them because I think IV is all of us and not core folks. I just care about if IV is doing good work and helping everyone.

    Why would you be curious to know about someone else's personal problems/issues? Your post sounds more like my daughter hypothetically saying that she doesn't care about whether her grandparents/parents are alive or dead, as long as she is there and she has a family to feed and take care of her...

    Thanks chanduv23 for update on pappu & logiclife!


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  • Honda
    05-04 10:26 PM
    mine belongs to NSC..I read in another thread that the FP will expire every 15 months and that may be the reason why most of the July filers are getting FP notice again...

    That is not reason.

    Here is my situation.

    In 2007 august i gave first time fingerprints.

    In 2008 august i gave second time fingerprints.

    Now i got another fingerprint. My service center is also NSC. There is some thing going on, i dont know why they are sending multiple fingerprints.

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  • drirshad
    07-23 03:52 AM
    Not sure of the prospects as lot of them tend to move here for better obs.


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  • ramus
    07-10 09:56 PM
    why would they spend time in entering the data in the system if any way they going to reject it...

    As per our lawyers, right now USCIS is in the process of entering our applications in their system (for date of receipt and such). There was a memo from USCIS saying that they will be done with the job of data entry by August 1.

    From August 1, we can expect either rejection or acceptance of the actual application. The hope is that a court/congressional intervention before August 1 will change the USCIS action of rejection into acceptance.

    Flowers to Condi; any body?


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  • p1234
    10-02 02:36 PM
    1. gctest putting EB3 down, calling them a level above illegals
    Dost.. tum to bade hi budhu ho.... dawa karao apne dimag ki.... ya ho sakta hai ki tum EB3 ho.
    Needless to say.. u are not very intelligent.
    I will see how you react when the entire 12 million illegals get chance to file in EB3 and your Eb3 bulletin dates goes to 1968.

    2. gctest calling others stupid
    You were obviously born stupid.
    I am not really a great fan of your attitude towards people from India

    3. gctest using lot of bad language
    but you are too stupid anyway
    so go home now..... and please don'y forget to pickup meds for your gonorrhea form csv pharmac

    4. gctest calling EB3 third class individuals
    You speak like a third class individual, must have travelled in third class compartment all your life, and now you are in third preference category..... Honestly i don't envy you.

    5. gctest name calling again
    You know what .. i don't think you are eb3.. all eb3 brothers i know are smart and know how to fight for their rights.
    you must be eb8 or eb9 ... you attitude shows that ... a born victim.. who not...

    6. gctest bad language again :D
    We are all getting dry humped day in day out and we just keeping taking it.

    7. latest flame against EB3
    you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!


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  • pappu
    06-13 10:01 AM
    EB3 India is in a bad shape because of lot of backlog. I do not see relief for people with latter PD in many years to come.
    EB2 India is also not expected to have good movement for the next few months.

    So people who spend time on sites to track are wasting their time in my opinion.

    IV is people affected and not just core members. Core members , chapter leaders also have their own jobs that pays salary and life and each one of us can only devote so much time to IV. The best strategy for all of us is to work on resolving the problem and not leave it for others to deal with it.

    What each member can do:

    1- Take part in IV action items. We currently have a couple of bills. There is a slim chance with this bills if only we can get more cosponsors and get CHC support.

    2- Raise awareness of IV. More members will mean more people will take part in our campaigns.

    3- Contribute to IV. We have a funding drive that is currently begging for attention. With meager funds we cannot even afford to do our limited lobbying.

    4- Be an active IV member: If nothing at else, be regular on IV. More visitors on IV means more revenue for IV from banner ads. This revenue is used towards lobbying and website maintenance expenses. Other sites with banner ads use that money for their own, but IV uses that money for lobbying. Several thousand visitors everyday means a good amount of money generated via ad revenue ( I could not believe it when I heard it the first time). If you like tracking, then use IV tracker and help make it successful. PLEASE Put your real dates in your profile.Money from ads on it will be used for our lobbying .

    5- Develop state chapters furthers. members can get active and build their state chapters further themselves. It can be great for making friends and networking too. We want to develop this further and need member's help.

    6- Do not leave IV when you get your greencard. IV is a community and be a part of it. Help others who are suffering like you yourself suffered once. When we have lot of greencard holder members, we can even expand the scope of our work and include items like 'I140 approval date should be counted as a date for 5 year citizenship eligibility' etc...

    7- Consider IV as your home and join the effort in whichever way you can. Bring in new ideas and take leadership to implement them.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    11-14 05:23 PM
    PM'ed you.. good luck with you efforts :)

    Why do you jump the gun and reach conclusions??!!!

    All that was asked - was to write to the Radio station using their website. Who asked anyone to picket?!!! Re-read my post. I asked members to call up and ask hard questions challenging his credibility. ....

    What's wrong in using Gandhi's name? Are you allergic to the great man?
    it may affect you in a positive way. :)


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  • vsrinir
    09-17 12:41 PM
    Not Lady..Chairman is Mr. John Conyers

    CLERK will read the names for voting

    does anyone kknow who is the chairman(woman) of the judiciary commitee ???

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  • ash0210
    03-10 10:31 AM
    Friend of mine (to whom I contacted regarding IV) is in USA for 7 years and knows how lobbying & party funds are raised (including Watergate) and also very much aware of "Retrogression" and problems of being "Legal".

    Also, he is aware of cause of IV and appreciate that but he is un-comfortable because whenever he login to IV, he noticed that:
    - more than 40-50% respondents are talking about money/contributions & signatures showing how much they have contributed as of today,
    - 10-15% are talking about blocking non-contributors(calling by Free Lunchers etc..),
    - 5 % are Pseudo intellectuals (talking BIG but dont know immigration basics like - PD, issues of I-140/I485)
    - 5% are always trying to shutdown others, accusing/calling by names to other forum members (he says "Highly skilled" in accusing!!)
    - and remaining are "Positive" contributors for IVs retrogression cause (talking about - I spoke to senators office, can we arrange rallies, when to Fax/fliers, when State chapters are going to meet, posting excerpts from senate/CSPAN/News etc..)

    Is our audience is so? Can we focus on our cause? pl be together like.. Like-Minded!!!

    My prioriy date has moved 1 week in 1 year. This is sufficient evidence for legislation ( that requires Hill lobbying ( which requires money.

    Like minded

    I had no understanding about legislation, politics, lobbying and money when I joined IV in Dec 2006. I used to wonder what core is talking about. However, I checked every statement against reliable media reported facts (NOT law firm blogs). I have not found a single contradiction. So I am very strongly like minded with core's direction.

    Here is an example. In Dec 2006, Jeff Sessions was cited by core as the reason to derail the SKILL Bill. Here ( is a recent example of an anonymous person derailing a Bill.

    Money minded

    Lobbying firm is the most important reason for existence of IV; grass root lobbying can be done without IV. IV paid QGA 80K ( in the first quarter of 2006; this is just one expenditure but has a public record. IV has to pay a similar amount to Patton Boggs. About 260*20/month was collected in 45 days in Jan/Feb 2007.

    Why can IV ignore talking about money (when balancing this deficit is very important)?
    How can IV ignore talking about money ALL THE TIME (when it takes 45 days to collect 260*20)?

    State Chapter Participation

    You missed this. We also ask members (ALL THE TIME ( to participate in State Chapters.


    Some (non) members are ignorant about GC problems, legislation, politics, lobbying and IV's activities. It is not possible to understand all of them even in a month. They have to put effort to educate themselves. Hence, the quotes


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  • njboy
    01-30 09:55 AM
    so those with substituted labor better hope it clears before april 2007, and they get to file i140 otherwise..they'll have to file a new labor..just hope DOL does not let them keep the old priority date..Im not being vindictive..just feel that its unfair that people buy labors for 20K and get green card using a shell company in 6 months.

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  • chanduv23
    12-17 10:18 AM
    Hi Chanduv,

    Possible to post a format on IV...with information pertaining to visa recapture etc.


    Sure, anyone can come up with a template. It is members who drive this thread. IV is all of us, you and me and all


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  • chanduv23
    07-02 09:50 AM
    It looks like, in many cases, employees are ready to put up with the crap due to some reason or the other but come to IV and complain because they want to vent out their frustration and organizations like IV is the sweet old mom who will hug anyone who needs support and they feel the comfort and warmth under IVs arms.
    Where else can they go? Not AILA offcourse, not Compete America, not ALIPAC , nor their lawyers, cannot discuss with friends or coworkers - everyone is looking out for themselves and will not bother about other's issues (unfortunately thats how people are)

    So many people come here to see if they find some solace - if IV starts a new initiative to help thewse people out - will they come out of their shadows and utilize the services?

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  • caliguy
    10-29 02:02 AM
    I got a lot of messages asking for the letter to Sec. Napolatino. I think I have emailed everyone back, if you have not received an email back from me, please send me a message again.

    One of the messages I got, it did not have an email address. I have sent you a message back asking for your email address.

    Good luck!


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  • srikondoji
    10-13 02:41 PM
    Nicely said.
    Don't know if it was Roman or greek, but they kept on diluting their currency (gold coins) with copper to support their spending and populist schemes. They kept on diluting to the extent that even India stopped exporting spices becuase their coins were not worth as much as they use to once upon a time.
    This is what is happening to dollar.

    America is loosing their grips pn global financial system. Even though it will be remembered as the founder of free maket, it has rushed too fast and forced other countries to open up their financial system. HOwever, three essential ingedients of free market theory have not been handled well.
    Price discovey, Capital allocation and Flow of liquidity.

    We are at a point, where all countries can reject free market as a failed attempt or pick it up from here and strengthen it going foward. Regulation is a must or else we will hit the bump again in future.

    Without a proper trading system and regulator price discovey is vey hard and bubbles keep occuring.
    This is vey true in case of real estate poperties. There are many localities in Hyderabad where propeties have not been priced appropriately.
    In a matter of 1 year, property prices in some localities have gone up multi fold just because of 1 or 2 transactions by desparate buyers.

    There is no price differential between 100 sq yards propety or 1000 sq yards property on a per sq yard price basis.
    ROE is far greater on investments made on proportionate basis on 1000 sq yard plot compared to 100 sq yard plot. Without regards fo town planning, return on investments every piece of land was priced with the same yard stick.

    I think it is best to follow the quotes below
    "When eveybody is buying, something is definitely wrong."
    "When everybody is selling, again something is wrong".

    I don't know much about buying house/property in India. Maybe you want to have a close family member keep an eye on your property otherwise a land graber/local gunda in the area may take possession of your property while you are here/away.

    But I find some of the discussion in this thread extremely intriguing. There were specific conditions in 1930s, 1960s, 1990s that caused recovery in those times. Leadership & American generation were ready to sacrifice and do hard work. Contrary to the hard work done during those times, large percentage of the current population is indifferent and does not care to know about the current crisis, not knowing the gravity of the situation. Majority of the population was, still is, opposed to $700 billion bailout/rescue not knowing what is going on. The ups and downs in the stock market is just the beginning. Coming year is going to be very tough, specially on folks are in the situation that require them to visit this forum every now and then.

    Every great and prosperous nation is just one generation away from losing its greatness. History teaches us that Great nations lost their greatness/cease to exist because the larger populations ignored the times of crisis. Most people say that America has always come out of crisis in the past and just like those times, America will again come out of the current crisis. That's what everybody expect and wants to see happen, as if there will be a miracle and everything will get fixed. Everybody including media/leadership are taking things for granted, as if things will turn around by itself just because things have turned around in the past. But this apathy is very dangerous. Here is why - we can say with fair bit of certainty that Romans must have also said during their time of crisis that things will be fine, they have always gotten fine because we are the Romans, the empire of Gods, or whatever. Likewise, this time around, media/leaders are guided by similar rhetoric. I find this behavior very dangerous. In 1930s/60s/90s there was able leadership and American generations during those times were ready to do their share. It doesn't appear such this time, atleast not right now. Maybe we have sometime to come out of the crisis and things will change in the near future. But without change in the direction, things don't look very good right now.

    Rome was not built in one day and it did not perish in one day. If leadership and population continue to ignore the gravity of the crisis, there is only one possible outcome.

    The positive aspect this time around is, due to globalization, other nations have stake in American economy and are willing to come to the rescue. Even nations like China and Russia are willing to step-up. This would have been unthinkable in an un-globalized world. But other nations can only do so much. Ultimately, the larger population in America will have to step up, and that includes us, there is no other way. Now G-7 is working together to come up with a comprehensive plan. A lot of people beat down on globalization, but till now it is working as was designed, which is good, and other friendlier/unfriendlier nations are willing to step-up.

    Another foreseeable opportunity to fight the current situation is, world energy crisis. America can use the world energy crisis to turn things around, not necessarily subscribing to ideas from businessmen like T Bone Pickens/natural gas to promote their business and blah bhah blah, but something else, which makes America - a leader to solve the energy requirements of over 6 billion people, when estimated 20% of the world population consumes 95% of the world energy.

    I don't know if you should buy property in India or if you should buy gold. But in the grand scheme of things, if I were you, I would hang on to the "cash" very close to my chest. Things are really bad, a lot more than what meets the eye or what is apparent.


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  • skd
    07-18 10:27 AM
    DateDelivered: July 2nd
    TimeDelivered: Not Sure
    Center: Texas Center

    Status: Don't Know
    Checks cashed: Don't Know

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  • awenger
    07-30 03:28 PM
    Hello IVians,
    As we all await our GCs, I thot we can explore some investment vehicles.

    Does anyone here have experience with commodity trading?
    Can we trade in commodities on H1 or L1 status?
    Is it too risky like forex trading?
    Who are the online brokers offer commodity trading?
    Is there a minimum account balance / trade required every month or so?

    Pls share your experience. Thanks!

    Why / How is this relevant in an immigration forum?

    07-14 04:19 AM

    come on guys we have only 14 diggs till now. We are a group of 10000 ppl strong and digg is a quite popular website. Couple of hundred diggs we will get to the main page....

    Thanks for you support

    10-06 07:42 PM
    What you are seeing right now in US, you'll see that in India begining next year. Indian Property market is ripe for a crash. I wouldn't invest a penny until the dust settles...